Comprehensive Annual Medicare Wellness Exams in Arlington

If you are covered under Medicare, it is important to know how to best utilize your comprehensive annual Welcome to Medicare Visit, covered by Medicare Plan B and Medicare Wellness Exams in Arlington.

Medicare Wellness Exams and Welcome to Medicare visits are important for maintaining a healthy life and preventing disease. You will want to be prepared for these annual Medicare Wellness Exams in Arlington, so that your doctor can give you the most comprehensive care. Below is a list of things to bring to your Medicare Wellness Exam as well as your Welcome to Medicare Visit.

  • Any and all medications you take. This includes supplements, vitamins, prescriptions and nonprescription medicine.
  • A list of your health care providers
  • A list of any questions you will want to discuss with your physician.
  • If possible, a complete family and current health form filled out by your doctor.

Welcome to Medicare Visit

Not only are you entitled to a Wellness Exam under Medicare, but you will also receive a Welcome to Medicare visit. This is covered by Medicare Part B and is  sometimes called an Initial Preventative Physical Exam.You are eligible for these benefits within the first 12 months of your plan. For these visits you will not be required to pay a copay. At this first visit you should expect your Arlington physician to:

  • Check your current health status, and medical conditions you may have and prescriptions you are on.
  • Look at your family history and any other factors that may put you at a higher risk for some diseases.
  • Check your height, weight, vision and blood pressure to assess where you are at currently in your health.
  • Make sure that your are up to date on shots, cancer and any other screenings you might be a good candidate for.

Medicare Wellness Exam

Comprehensive Annual Medicare Wellness Exams in ArlingtonWhat usually can you expect from an annual Medicare Wellness Exam at Arlington Primary Care? Below are some of the things that you can expect at your next visit:

  • A review of you and your family’s medical history.
  • Any questions you may have about your health will be answered at this time.
  • Recording your height, weight, blood pressure and other vital signs.
  • Creating a revised list of your providers and prescriptions.
  • Personalized health advice.
  • A list of treatments and risk factors for you.
  • A checklist and screening schedule for any recommended preventative services.
  • No co-payment required. There may be payment required for any recommended preventative services. Be sure to check with your provider to see what they will cover.
  • Applicable blood work.

After your Medicare Wellness Exam, your doctor may recommend additional screenings, tests, or visits. Check with your healthcare provider to see if there is an additional cost or if a co-payment is required.

Get Your Annual Medicare Wellness Exam Today

Medicare Wellness Exams are vitally important to your overall health. We are happy to provide this service to our patients both new and old. Call Arlington Primary Care and we will schedule your next comprehensive annual Medicare Wellness Exam today.